Global Volunteering Standard Handbooks


Good Practice Handbooks

Explore the Good Practice Handbooks we have developed to assist volunteer involving-organisations with applying the Global Volunteering Standard in their practice. 

These handbooks provide volunteer involving organisations with practical guides to support them in improving their practice in alignment with the Global Volunteering Standard.

Each set of handbooks provide guidance on topics that reflect the four different Themes of the Standard: Designing and Delivering Projects, Duty of Care, Managing Volunteers, and Measuring Impact. 

Handbooks on Managing Volunteers

This four-part Handbook series covers the Managing Volunteers Theme of the Global Volunteering Standard. We encourage reading through all four guides for a holistic understanding of volunteer management.

Glossary for Managing Volunteers Handbooks

This Glossary provides a concise list of key terms and their definitions related to volunteer management, helping readers understand important concepts and terminology used in all four Handbooks on Volunteer Management.

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How to use these Handbooks:

Here are some general tips on how to use and read the Handbooks as a set:

TIP 1 – Start with the introduction:
Each handbook has an introduction that provides an overview of the handbook’s purpose and scope. Start by reading these introductions to understand how each handbook fits into the set.

TIP 2 – Look for common themes: As you read each handbook, look for common themes and ideas. Pay attention to how these themes are developed and presented across the set. This will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the overall area.

TIP 3 – Cross-reference: Cross-reference the handbooks as you read. This will help you make connections between different sections and ideas and reinforce your understanding of the topic.

TIP 4 – Apply what you learn: As you read, think about how the information presented in the handbooks applies to your own situation. Consider how you might use this information to improve practice in your organisation and align with the Global Volunteering Standard.

By following these steps, you can read the handbooks as a set and develop a comprehensive understanding of the topic of volunteer management. 

Finally, it is important to continue to monitor and evaluate your volunteer programme over time to ensure that it remains effective and continues to meet the Standard through the use of the Self Assessment Tool available on the Global Volunteering Standard Platform.

Global Volunteering Standard Events

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