IVCO 2020

Volunteering for Climate Action

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Jointly hosted by AVI and Forum, the annual conference for International Volunteering Cooperation Organisations (IVCO) was held in a virtual conference space, a first for the IVCO conference, from 25-28 October, 2020. Focusing on the theme: Volunteering for Climate Action, IVCO 2020 was an excellent opportunity for heads of volunteer organisations and delegates from public, private, academic and NGO sectors around the world to network, discuss pertinent issues in volunteering, share innovative approaches, and build strong alliances.

'Volunteering for Climate Action'

With climate change the most pressing threat to our planet and species, and with only 3% of current international volunteering attributed to environmental sustainability, the conference provides the opportunity to raise the awareness, quality and quantity of volunteering for climate action to contribute to SDG13.

This theme offers an opportunity for Forum members and the wider volunteering for development sector to explore what we mean by volunteering for climate action, to recognise and share good practice from our organisations and agree on ways forward, as organisations and as a sector, to improve the quality and impact of our work.

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