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The International Forum for Volunteering in Development (Forum) is a global network of organisations that work through volunteers to achieve sustainable development. We promote and support responsible and impactful volunteering through convening, research, and standards.









Introducing the Global Volunteering Standard

The Global Volunteering Standard is a framework that sets out the volunteering for development sector’s collective understanding of good practice. 

The Standard acts as a starting point for volunteer-based organisations to assess their practices and make changes that will help them be more responsible and impactful in their work. The Standard considers all the actors involved in a volunteer placement, from the volunteers to their organisation, project partners, the wider community, funders and other key stakeholders.

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The 澳洲幸运5-168官方开奖在线查询【手机版】 Global Volunteering Standard Platform

The Global Volunteering Standard Platform is the first global online-based one-stop shop for good practice in volunteering for development. Forum designed the Platform to bring the Global Standard in Volunteering principles to life and put them into practice.  

Developed by the volunteering sector, for the volunteering sector, the Platform is the ultimate resource providing those who work with volunteers with practical tools to assess, monitor and improve programmes and practice, while giving access to the most extensive global library of volunteer resources.  

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