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Game therapy and fairy tale therapy in the work of a child psychologist (part 3)

Life stories can be a means of influencing forms of relationships; they help build relationships with loved ones and colleagues in a different way.

The story as a guide to action. With the help of a certain intonation, the correct arrangement of the accents of speech, one can contribute to the stimulation of activity.

An interesting story, close and understandable, reduces the level of resistance and cannot harm, because our unconscious rejects everything that seems uninteresting to us.

To rethink and redefine the problem. Sometimes reformulating a problem, translating it into the context of a task that can be solved by force, helps a person to cope with difficulties.

The metaphorical language of stories is a special creative way of communication, it helps to find common ground, promotes mutual understanding.

The same principles apply in fairy tales.

Definitions of fairy tales are many. Here are some of them:

A fairy tale is like an imitation or metaphor of life. Literary metaphor – use in figurative meaning. The therapeutic metaphor – as a message, appeal to the conscious and unconscious spheres.

Fairytale therapy is the process of creating a connection between fabulous events and behavior in real life. Awareness of this connection creates the possibility of changing and transforming the life scenario.

Fairytale therapy is a treatment with fairy tales, the discovery of the knowledge that lives in the soul and is currently psychotherapeutic.

Fairytale therapy is a process of finding meaning, deciphering knowledge about the world and the system of relationships in it.

Fairytale therapy is the process of objectification of problem situations.

Fairytale therapy – the process of activating resources, the potential of the individual.

Fairytale therapy is a process of environmental education and parenting.

Fairy tales can be divided into traditional (from antiquity existing in the culture of different peoples) and author’s, composed by writers in the style of ancient fantastic plots (these include fairy tales in the style of “fantasy”).

A symbolic language – whether it be a myth or a fairy tale – through allegory or metaphor draws attention to the unconscious content of the psyche. In the tales of various peoples there is a common symbolism, for example, the King and Queen are symbols of parents. Birth and death are symbolized by the element of water. Z. Freud argued that “birth is almost always portrayed through some relationship with water, they either throw themselves in or out of the water, they save someone from the water, which means maternal attitude to the saved”.

The world of fairy tales contributes to age regression. It is in childhood that we draw resources. In childhood, we learn a lot and, we do a lot, we believe in ourselves. The adult world has not yet shown us our helplessness. Milton Erickson, immersing his patients in a trance state, offered them metaphors of early learning – an early resource. After all, all of us in childhood learned to walk, talk, read and write. For each of us, this is an experience of effective achievements. It has been preserved in our subconscious that once we did not know how, for example, to write, but learned. Starting a new business, moving on to the next stage of its development, you should turn to such an important resource. A fairy tale returns a person to this amazing, resource state when we believe that we can do much that we are able to learn and gain new experience.

Fairytale therapy, unlike just reading and discussing fairy tales, does not provide an interpretation of the tale, does not explain the meaning and meaning, that is, it does not carry didactic, instructive functions. Everyone sees their own meaning, and most often these are our projections, a reflection of what exactly excites us and touches in this fairy tale. But it must be borne in mind that any tale is ambiguous and has various meanings. When we work with a child, it is necessary to help him find his own sense of history, and not to impose his own.

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