Alone with myself (part 2)
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Online games for children - prohibit or allow?
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The development of the emotional sphere of the child by art therapy

Many parents, unfortunately, face the problem of emotional imbalance in their children. What are the causes of childhood fears, anxiety and insecurity? How to deal with manifestations of aggression? How to help a child overcome communication barriers?

The art therapy method – art therapy – is a great way to answer all these questions. This is a simple and easily applicable method in everyday life.

What are the types of art therapy that can be used in everyday communication?

Game therapy, for example, to organize the game of a child or a group of children so that they can show their communication skills, talk about their interests and positive emotions.

Picture therapy (or isotherapy): invite the child to draw a “Dream House” where he would like to live. Describing his drawing, the child will be able to talk about his true desires and the reasons for dissatisfaction and negative emotions.

Sand therapy, for example, together with your child to create from the sand “Magic City”, which will be a reflection of your child’s ideas about the world, values, its place in this world. And then show what changes can be made to this city, so that it is better, and that everyone in this city lives more interesting.

Fairytale therapy: as one of the options – to tell the beginning of a story, which in many ways in a metaphorical form resembles the life of your child, and then invite the child to come up with a continuation of this story.

How does the application of art-therapeutic techniques help to develop the emotional sphere of a child?

Game, creative activity are an integral part of the development of preschool children. By developing creative activity, we help the child better understand their feelings. In the game, a child can try himself in various roles: try on different roles, feel for yourself, learn courage, openness, confidence, responsiveness.

Very often, one of the reasons for children’s aggressive behavior is a sense of vulnerability and a fear of abandonment. Therefore, using art-therapeutic techniques, we help the child gain a sense of security and self-acceptance.

As an example, consider the exercise “Metaphor Cards,” which are easy to complete:

We give the child 3 blank cards (size 10cm x 15cm) and ask the following questions:

1. If you were a fairy-tale character, then what?

2. If you would be a director, then who would be the main character of your film or cartoon?

3. If you would be an artist, what role would you like to play?

We propose on each card to symbolically depict the answer.

Further, the child shows what he depicted on the cards, and describes each card. Answers questions from a projective interview:

1. How can this fabulous character defend his point of view? Will he argue with adults? How will he convince his peers?

2. How will a movie or cartoon character behave during a conflict?

3. What are the advantages of the role that you invented?

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