Emache’s Physical Education program is made possible by volunteers. The cost is only $5 per child or $20 per family and most of the P.E. equipment is provided. Typically, P.E. covers baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball and soccer. You must be a member of EMACHE to participate in P.E.

Parent Guidelines for EMACHE Physical Education Program

It is very important that you read this carefully and go over the list with your children.

  1.  Don’t drop the children off and leave the park or facility. A guardian for your child must always be present.

  2.  Be on time. In general, all parents are expected to help at P.E. We’ll probably need one or two ladies to help out with each age group every week.

  3.  Children should wear appropriate shoes and clothing. Tennis shoes are a must. A cap is recommended during the hot months. No jewelry, except watches.

  4.  Full participation is required, unless child is sick.

  5.  Bring a water bottle for water breaks. Put your child’s name on the water bottle. The children need to drink before, during and after exercising.

  6.  No horseplay allowed.

  7.  Clothing: Please refer to the dress code as was attached to your EMACHE Memberhsip Application.

  8.  P.E. participants must be EMACHE members. Note: Please check your email on Wednesday mornings. Sometimes we have to cancel even if the weather is good.

  9. For discipline, please refer to the EMACHE PE Incident Report and its policies and procedures.